Coming Out

I can fly.
It feels so good to put those words in print. I’ve been hiding this secret from everyone – even my husband and children. The last thing I want is to be a media sensation. I look at all these famous people in the news and how every step is documented. To me fame would be hell. Of course, I’m not a young good-looking actress or model or singing sensation or even a crazy politician. I’m a middle-aged stay-at-home mother of four who lives in a quiet suburb. An actual soccer mom. I keep a pretty low profile. I don’t even go to PTA meetings. I know my picture wouldn’t be as titillating as those gorgeous, famous movie stars, but hey – I CAN fly. I don’t think I’m full of myself for saying the paparazzi might be interested in that! No thank you. Have you seen the X-men movies? Those people are total outcasts because of what they can do – freaks. OK, characters, not real people. But I can’t help thinking I would be labeled a freak if people knew I could fly. I AM a freak, I guess.

Why am I “coming out?” then? Well, it’s very lonely having a secret. Plus what if there are others? What if there really is some network of people with weird abilities, like in the X-men? OK, again it’s just a movie, but maybe someone’s out there. I have to find out, which is why I created this blog. My dream is that I’m some version of Harry Potter or Avenger or X-men, and someone will approach me to say “You’re not alone.” If there is some secret network of super-power humans out there, I’m ready for you. In the meantime, this is my story and my day-to-day life. I am thrilled, frightened and eager to share it all.



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